When did See Line Ceramics launch? November 2018
Do you take custom orders? At the moment, no, but I hope to in the near future.
How does NYC pickup and drop off work? If you live in New York City and choose either of these options, I can travel to customers in Manhattan and Brooklyn or schedule pickups at my studio. If neither of those options work, please choose the shipping option. 
Why do certain products have "no. 1" or "no. 2" in their names? That denotes that while the products serve the same purpose and are similar design-wise, they have just enough differences between them to merit distinction, like having slightly different forms or having a flat bottom versus a bottom with a foot. 
Can I put my pottery in the dishwasher? Though all ceramics have been to hell and back (a.k.a. the kiln), they are sturdy until they're not. A dishwasher is too chaotic an environment for pottery, so I recommend hand-washing all my products. 
Is it safe to eat off your products? Yes, every piece is glazed with food safe glaze.  
A product I wanted sold out, will it come back to the shop? If there's a product that you really loved and missed out on, shoot an email to seelineceramics@gmail.com and I'll try to restock that product in the next shop update. Also, subscribe to the newsletter!
How often do you restock the shop? Every three months, give or take a week or two. Since I have a full-time job, I can't produce new work at the pace that traditional retail demands, but that just means that every sale is filled with objects that I spent a lot of time perfecting.
Will you have new products in time for the winter holidays? Absolutely! Sale No. 5 will launch just after Thanksgiving and in time for the holiday season. Additionally, I'll add new products up until a few days before Christmas as they come out of the kiln. 
What shipping materials do you use? I do not use bubblewrap or styrofoam peanuts. Right now, I'm using cardboard boxes, old newspaper, and postal wrapping paper, all of which are biodegradable. I hope to switch to a biodegradable tape as well by the holidays.
Do you ship outside the U.S. and Canada? Yes! 
What is the "seconds" section? These are products that while technically functional, feature some minor flaw (an 's' crack or chipped glaze) that makes them difficult to sell at full price. They're like pottery's version of doggies with crooked tails: A little off, but no less lovable!
Do all your planters have drainage holes? All standard planters have drainage holes, but hanging planters do not. To prevent your plants from getting waterlogged avoid overwatering and/or line the bottom of the planter with a layer of small stones.
My product arrived damaged, what can I do? Send a picture of the damaged product to seelineceramics@gmail.com within seven days of its arrival and I will either issue a full refund or can make a replica of the product, though it might not be a perfect match to the original. 
Are any of your products an exact match? While I strive to create the same pieces time and again (with some success!), these products are truly handmade, which means no two items are exactly alike. That being said, if there are multiples of the same product, they are as close to matching as humanly possible.